ASTM E1300 Uniform Load Strength Reduction Factor not Required for Ceramic Enameled Glass

Results of highly publicized testing have shown that in some cases, the mean strength of freshly manufactured ceramic enameled glass is less than the mean strength of analogous uncoated glass. Read Full Article →

Development of a Procedure to Evaluate the Shear Modulus of Laminated Glass Interlayers

A Thesis by MICHAEL SCOTT BRACKIN Read Full Article →

Development of a General Procedure to Evaluate the Probability of Breakage for Glass Plates in Insulating Glass Units Due to Thermal Stresses Induced by Solar Irradiance

Over the past several years, there has been a significant increase in the number of glass plate breakages caused by thermally induced stress due to exposure to solar irradiance. Glass plate breakage that is caused by thermal stress has become one of the leading issues that the architectural glass industry faces. Read Full Article →